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Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access provided by Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
This is a private networked computer system belonging to Working Links, only authorised users may access this network.

Any attempt to logon to this system with an account which has not been issued to you is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

By logging on to this system you agree to be bound by the terms & conditions of the Working Links IT Acceptable Use Policy.

Hard copies of this document can be found in every Working Links location and are available from your regional HR adviser. The document is also posted on the company Intranet, FrameWork.

If you experience any difficulty with logging onto this system please contact the Working Links Helpdesk on 0330 400 5399




To protect your account from unauthorized access, Outlook Web Access automatically closes its connection to your mailbox after a period of inactivity. If your session ends, refresh your browser, and then log on again.